The Biography ..

.. of DJ Tords musical journey.

Tord spins techno influenced by ambient, minimal and dub. His sound is playfully melodic and roomy, spanning across different genres and styles.

Being raised by musicians, Tord learned about the art and passion for music at an early age. With both parents being involved in classical music and jazz related projects, much of the early musical influence came from his parents. Tord made his stage debut at the age of 10 for the opera Carmen, and later toured with his parents to places like Israel, Egypt, and Eritrea, taking on various roles.

With the boom of the personal computers in the late 80s, Tord dived into the blooming European demoscene, where his passion for electronic music was firmly rooted. During his late teens, Tord hosted a local radio program that focused on presenting electronic music from Scandinavian amateur producers, most of it being so-called tracker music. The show ran until 2000, and was the first radio show to stream both on-air and over the Internet from Bergen.

Tord ventured into DJing in 2016, playing at a big event for almost 1200 people the same year. Not long after he obtained his first DJ residency at a club in Bergen called Dwell. During the following summer, he played his first underground festival on a small cozy island outside of Bergen. PLOINK, Bergen's very own techno label, booked Tord to play at the release party of producer Joaquin Ruiz' release Gallactic EP. Shortly thereafter, Tord joined the techno collective DOT as resident DJ, rounding off 2017 with an amazing event at Ostre in celebration of the 4th release of Bergen Techno Fanzine.

In early 2018, Tord teamed up with DJ and producer Nordenstam for a new club concept called Shattered Windows, presenting a full club-night journey from early-hour ambient to late-hour techno, with a big-room and melodic feel to it. Plans are underway to bring the concept to other cities in Norway, and in time - abroad.

Tord is greatly inspired by producers and DJs like (in no particular order..) Richie Hawtin (F.U.S.E.), FSOL, Bent, Aphex Twin, Solar Fields, Tadeo, Lewis Fautzi, Amelia Lens, Nordenstam, Jürgen Hutmacher, Thomas Urv, Christian Tilt, Robert Leiner (The Source Experience), Polar Inertia, Nina Kraviz, Boards of Canada, Art of Noise, Biosphere, Trentmöller,Dscrd, Luigi Tozzi, Ness, Oliver Huntemann, Etapp Kyle, Coefficient, Emmanuel Top, Tensal, Exium, Christian Wunsch, Distant Echoes, Kalter Ende, Wrong Assessment, Claudio PRC, Farceb, Bastinov, Dax J, Reeko and Moby.